Summery risotto

Well hello! Whenever I feel like eating something that is rich, creamy and carby, I make risottos these days.  I know most people would ask, how does a gluten-free vegan go about creating a rich, creamy, carby risotto? Actually it’s not hard at all– it involves wine (like all good things in life), vegetable broth, and my favorite thing in the world, nutritional yeast.

I used this recipe I found on Pinterest (found here). Seriously, if you’re feeling experimental and kind of gourmet, whip this sucker up.  It’s loaded with healthy green veggies, it’s super hearty, and it’s easy to make! AND BONUS: my gluten-eating, meat-loving dad gave this the stamp of approval.  HECK. YEAH.

Oh! For anyone wondering, nutritional yeast (affectionately referred to as nooch) is a dry yeast used in a lot of vegan cooking.  I still don’t know how it works, but somehow it makes quinoas, risottos, rices, dips and sauces rich and cheesy.  It’s fortified with B vitamins (yay for B-12!), and apparently delicious when sprinkled on popcorn.



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