Dirty chai lattes

Chai tea has been a recent obsession of mine.  For someone who loves coffees and teas (especially coffees though…) so much, you would think I’d tried a dirty chai before.  Nope.

Actually the first time I tried chai, I was doing a group project at Looking Glass and one of classmates inspired me. I DON’T KNOW HOW I WENT SO LONG WITHOUT ONE.  I DON’T KNOW. Foamy and cinnamonny and kind of sweet with a zip.  Since then, it’s been my favorite afternoon or evening drink.  I got the ingredients to make a homemade chai concentrate, but I still need a few things, so in the meantime I bought a pre-made chai concentrate, which was very exciting because I didn’t realize that was a thing! Hannah had never had chai either (who are we, I mean really), so I made us dirty chai lattes (chai concentrate + almond milk + espresso + cinnamon and coconut sugar on top).

Unfortunately *foamy* *dirty* chai lattes are only possible at home if you have an espresso machine, but you can still make an iced chai latte, which is perfect for summer anyway.  I am making REAL homemade chai soon though, promise!



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