falafel lettuce wraps, tomato cucumber salsa + lemon cashew dressing

Hello people!

Hannah and I are just binging on recipes from the Oh She Glows cookbook… We should stop but we just can’t right now.

This recipe was a little time-consuming because it had three parts: the cucumber salsa, lemon cashew dressing and falafel.

The falafel was really easy, with a basic onion, garlic, parsley and chickpea base.  Hannah has made baked vegan falafel before, but I liked these even more because we took the extra step to press each baby falafel patty into gluten-free breadcrumbs.  This made each falafel patty crisp on the outside and soft and warm on the inside.  I really liked the falafel in a lettuce wrap, but I’m sure you could also eat it on a salad or in a pita! I had some left over with hummus today and it was prettttty tasty.  I’m probably going to make twice as many next time !!!! FALAFEL PARTY.



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