Chocolate Banana Soft-Serve

The hardest thing about adopting a vegan diet for me was the dessert. I feel deprived when I don’t have something sweet or chocolate-y daily. And I mean at least once daily. Initially I thought this would be my downfall. “What will I eat for dessert if I’m vegan…How will I survive without yopo and peanut butter cups???” Surprisingly, I’ve found tons of delicious vegan/gluten free desserts that I honestly wouldn’t know were vegan or gluten free had I not seen what went into it. Desserts are my favorite things to experiment with because you can get creative with them and who doesn’t like to end their day with a dessert!

I stumbled upon a banana soft-serve recipe in the “Oh She Glows” cookbook, but had low expectations for it because the main ingredient is bananas. I like bananas, but definitely wouldn’t consider myself a banana fanatic. I was shocked with how deliciously fluffy and creamy this soft-serve is! And I love how versatile it is, you can basically add anything you like such as nuts, and fruit, or cocoa powder (yesyesyesyes) and can switch it up. Even my dad, who frequently has ice-cream for dessert immediately asked for the recipe and said it was better than the bowl of moose-tracks he just had. And that’s pretty impressive because that even has peanut butter cups in it. I personally prefer my soft-serve chocolate-y (as I prefer most things) with almond butter, but I also tried a fruit version for my dad with peaches and raspberries. This soft-serve can please just about anyone but be careful because its addicting and super easy to make (I’ve made It 3 times already oops).


Chocolate Banana Soft-Serve makes me very very happy.


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