Caesar salad with almond croutons

Has your life ever been changed by croutons? Because mine just was.

We used a recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook (if you are thinking about getting that cookbook, just do it, it’s life changing).  I  never would have thought almonds were the key ingredient to a vegan caesar salad, but I promise you, this recipe was even better than regular caesar!  To make the dressing, you soak some almonds overnight to soften them so they’re a bit creamier when you put them in the food processor.  After you drain the almonds, the skins are really easy to peel off (almonds look so funnily naked without their skins, don’t they?)


The other key ingredient for the dressing was the garlic, which was roasted for 30 minutes.  Other than that, we added lemon juice, a little mustard and salt.   Honestly, the salad would have been pretty good with just that, but we also made her almond croutons, which are essentially almonds, flax seed egg, onion and Italian spices ground up in the food processor and baked for 30 minutes.  Life.  Changed.  Seriously, if those were sold by the box, they would be dangerous.  Tossed all together, this made one amazing salad.  It’s great as the main meal, but I imagine it would also be great as a precursor to any meal, especially Italian food.

Yay! Happy Sunday!


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