Raspberry mango sorbet

Ever since Hannah made that chocolate banana soft-serve the other day, I have been racking my brain trying to think of equally creamy, delicious, homemade substitutes for ice cream.  In desperate times I will treat myself to vegan, gluten-free treats from the store (soy whipped cream, or coconut milk ice cream oh my), but generally speaking I think it’s good to avoid most of the processed stuff.  And then it hit me: FROZEN. MANGO. I buy that stuff by the bag and eat it plain, but it’s also a go-to for my smoothies!

Anyway, mango sorbet sounded magical, so I put some frozen mango in the food processor and let it blend for several minutes to get it down to a creamy consistency.  The mango was wonderful by itself, but adding in a spoonful of raspberry chia seed jam added a little tangy sweetness. .

This was an easy, two-ingredient, fresh, fruity, “share-with-your-non-vegan-friends” HAPPY dessert.  Do yourself a favor and make this asap.





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