Potato + asparagus sauté with chimichurri sauce

Haley and I had the potato and asparagus chimichurri as a light dinner, but it would be a great side as well! I LOVE asparagus, it adds a nice crunch to risottos, pastas, and is even great roasted as a side! Not to mention its a great way add some greens to a dish. I just learned that the best way to store asparagus is in the fridge in a bowl standing up with the roots in about an inch of water, just like flowers, which looks kinda funny. If you don’t like asparagus, give it another try! When I was little I was basically the pickiest eater in the world and survived off of pasta and potatoes and chicken. And now I love so many things I used to hate (including chocolate and popcorn… seriously what was wrong with me), you just have to experiment with different ways to cook it!

AND this dish has potatoes, which always feel like such a treat to me.

Hales originally found this recipe, but I ended up making it because she was struggling at the time with the cake pops. This recipe was pretty quick. You boil the potatoes and asparagus, and then sauté them with the green onions and coconut oil. I only had 3 green onions left so I used a few less than the recipe called for and also subbed yellow onion for shallots.  I also only used 2 T of coconut oil even though the recipe called for much more. For the chimichurri sauce, I altered it quite a bit. I only used about 1/2 c of cilantro, parsley, and olive oil and about 1/8 c of red wine vinegar. I followed the rest of the ingredients as the recipe called for. It turned out great, and would be a great topping on greens for a salad as well! The Chimichurri added a crisp, fresh, flavor that really enhanced the dish. This lovely recipe was found at A House in the Hills

Yay for asparagus recipes.


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