Chocolate cake pops

Cake pops take a bit more time and dedication than your average baked good, but these were super worth it.  I like cake pops for a few reasons:

1. They’re soft

2. They’re moist

3. They’re adorable

4. They’re shareable

5.Most importantly: they’re portioned controlled

I used a recipe from Oh She Glows.  She did cake balls, but I really liked the idea of cake pops because I had never tried to make gluten-free, vegan cake pops.  That just sounds like a big FAIL waiting to happen.  While these little guys didn’t LOOK perfect, they tasted pretty darn close. I’m not kidding, the average person would never be able to tell they were gluten-free OR vegan! YAY! That’s the goal right there.

Anyway, I followed the muffin recipe, and added a bit more coconut milk fat than she called for because I would rather have a slightly mushy cake pop than a dry one.  They didn’t turn out mushy at all, they had a lovely, soft consistency.  I froze them for just half an hour, then dipped them in melted chocolate and chilled them overnight.  I was a little disheartened because some of them looked a little… special. I had imagined the cake pops you always see on display at Starbucks.  No matter though, because they were still chocolatey, adorable and totally delectable.



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