Raspberry chia seed jam

Father’s day creeps up quickly after my dad’s birthday in mid-may. I ALWAYS have a hard time picking out gifts for my dad, since I know nothing about his love for tools and anything handy. He hates nice and trendy clothing that Haley and I spend too much money on, and are a little too excited about. Usually, the only option I have left is something homemade. It gets pretty tough to think of creative ideas after many years of struggling to make practical, homemade gifts. So what better present than making what everyone loves, food!

I inherited my sweet tooth from my dad, so we thought he would love homemade jam. This jam was so easy to make and a great gift in a mason jar. With only a few ingredients, this jam is way healthier than your store bought jam that has a very long list of ingredients. You heat frozen raspberries on your stove and add chia seeds to thicken it and maple syrup to sweeten it. You barely even need to add maple syrup because it is naturally pretty sweet! Cook until desired consistency and then refrigerate. I’m not even a jam person typically, and I actually ate it in spoonful’s because it was that delicious. I found myself racking my brain for things I could put jam on besides toast as an excuse to eat more of it, of course. We had to make another batch before father’s day because we ate too much of it 🙂  You can also make this jam with blackberries, but it turned out a little thicker and chunkier in consistency, but still delicious! These jams are great as a natural sweetener to desserts and smoothies as well (we used it in the raspberry mango sorbet which was dangerously good) This recipe was found in our favorite, the Oh She Glows Cookbook

happy fathers day!



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