Sun-dried Tomato Asparagus Quinoa Salad

Woooo back with another asparagus recipe.

Another one of my favorite ingredients is sun-dried tomatoes. I love them in pastas and side dishes especially. Sun-dried tomatoes soaked in oil are the best because they stay chewy and aren’t as dry. It’s important to get a good brand of sun-dried tomatoes because they can vary a lot and the brand can make a world of a difference! I used the Whole Foods brand, 364 organic sun-dried tomatoes. They were pretty good, but I have found less dried ones in the past that I’m going to try to look for next time.

I used multi-colored quinoa for the first time, and it turned out so pretty! Quinoa is a healthy whole grain that is a great addition to salads. This salad can be added as a topping to greens, or just as a side. The dressing on this salad was surprisingly flavorful and refreshing. I prefer a higher vegetable to grain ratio, so I halved the entire recipe except for the asparagus and it turned out just how I like it! It made plenty and I’m glad I cut the quinoa amount in half. Oh, and we didn’t have pine nuts on stock, but I think those would be delicious added in a well!

I found this recipe on Vegangela

This made my Tuesday just a little happier!




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