Fig Newtons

As a kid I always loved fig newtons because they always tasted like little soft cookies to me. I stopped eating them as I got older because they are usually really processed and have a lot of sugar. A couple weeks ago I saw fresh figs at Whole Foods which were so intriguing ’cause i’ve never seen or tried fresh figs! I was reminded of my obsession with fig newtons in my early years and decided to try to find a healthy recipe for them.

I got SO excited when I found this recipe because it only has a few ingredients, and doesn’t require any weird gluten-free flours. As I was making them, I realized we don’t have a rolling pin which made making them a little more interesting. I basically just smashed heavy objects on the dough to try to flatten it out. So if you do have a rolling pin, thats an added bonus and i’m sure they will be much thinner.

These are great little energy bites and I’m going to try to eat them as pre/post workout fuel (as opposed to just eating them all in 2 days which is a serious possibility). I used part of an orange instead of clementine, and I think I’ll add some blueberries next time to make them more colorful! I found this recipe on vegalicious



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