Tex-mex casserole

Haley and I were so excited to try this recipe a few weeks ago and pre-chopped and measured everything before a cycling class and threw it all together when we got back. We were starving and threw the casserole in the oven. Somehow, we BOTH missed the fact that we actually had to cook the rice before putting it into the casserole and put 3 cups of UNCOOKED rice in the casserole when it called for 3 cups of cooked rice.. saddest realization ever. We pulled the casserole out and it was filled with little floating dried up rice strands. We ended up putting the casserole back in the over for an hour + because we were determined to fix it. After an hour we got tired of waiting and ate the crunchy rice anyways.

We decided to try it again because it really didn’t taste right the first time with 3 cups of crunchy rice. Our mom came to visit us too and we thought she would really like this recipe! I made a big salad to serve with it because I’m pretty sure I could easily eat about half a casserole when I’m hungry. It was SO much better, ah it was so great. Casseroles are always a comfort food to me, and this one is perfect and is a little spicy too! Tons of veggies were included as well, tomatoes, tomato sauce, black beans, corn, a couple peppers, jalapeños, and spinach. Haley and I don’t eat much vegan cheese, but this has some in the casserole and on top which was a awesome treat.

from our favorite cookbook, Oh She Glows



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