Tofu Breakfast Burrito

Haley and I are all about brunch on the weekend. It’s so fun to prepare a big meal after a workout or relaxing morning. Today we got up and went to a cycling class with a new instructor that I seriously suspect was in the military at some point, and he almost killed us with this workout. It was one of those workouts that you can barely go up the stairs after and kind of want to be rolled home.

We got started on brunch after and wanted to try something new. Haley found a breakfast burrito recipe that was a nice twist on a tofu scramble. It was so good! The recipe calls for a sriracha aioli sauce on top. We didn’t have any vegenaise, so I made a homemade vegan mayonnaise from the Oh She Glows cookbook. The aioli sauce calls for a little lemon juice, and a teaspoon of sriracha but being the sriracha fanatics that we are, I just dumped a whole lot of sriracha in there.

It’s finally the weekend! (which means brunch of course)

We found this recipe here


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