Breakfast potatoes

I love breakfast potatoes. period. They are a wonderful brunch side, or just at any time of day at all. These potatoes were super easy to make! I love the added paprika which turned the potatoes a pretty orange-ish color. I omitted the green peppers because I prefer to keep it simple. We dipped the potatoes in a side sriracha (I know shocking) which was deliciousss. I wasn’t exaggerating about our obsession with sriracha.. today we realized that we’ve gone through half of a GIANT bottle of sriracha in about a week.



I found this recipe here

Happy Sunday!!


3 thoughts on “Breakfast potatoes

  1. So glad you enjoyed my Breakfast Potato recipe! Thanks so much for the mention and lovely picture of the potatoes! You inspired me to make these again this weekend! =) I hope you get a chance to try out some of the other recipes on my site. Also, if you like Sriracha, try making my sriracha salt! It’s really easy and tastes great, especially on popcorn. I have another version of it i’m planning on posting soon that’s even better – sriracha lime salt! happy cooking!

    1. wow that sounds great! I will definitely check out the sriracha salt, that sounds amazing on popcorn 🙂

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