lara bars [2 ways]

Lara bars astound me because they are so so delicious, but they lack the extensive ingredient lists that so many other processed foods have.  I wanted to try making my own at home because they make perfect on-the-go snacks and pre/post workout fuel.  You can make the most basic type of Lara bar with 1 cup of dried fruit + 1 cup of dates + 1 cup of nuts.  Dates are great because they are a natural sweetener and their stickiness combines raw ingredients well!

I combined the ingredients in the food processor until a giant dough ball formed, then smoothed the mixture out into a big Lara bar pancake and chilled it for 20 minutes.  After the dough is chilled you can cut them up into bars or into smaller bite-sizes.

For my first batch I used unsweetened dried banana, dates and maple-roasted almonds.  In the second batch I used dried apple, dates and walnuts.  I also added cinnamon, hemp seeds and chia seeds, which gave it a slightly nuttier texture.  The banana flavor in the first batch didn’t pull through as much as I would have liked, so I preferred the second batch, which tasted a bit like apple pie.

You can store these in the fridge for a week or two to have on-hand for convenient, healthy snacking!


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