dino kale wraps

I’ve mentioned before that I really like packing in a lot of veggies at lunch.  I love lettuce wraps, and when I spotted this dino kale at the store this morning I was inspired to try something a little new!

There is so much hype around kale these days, and for good reason.  It packs in a ton of micronutrients and vitamins and it has loads of health benefits.  I used this dino kale (such a fun name right?) to replace lettuce in the wrap.  I sautéed some tempeh and chopped up cucumber, red pepper and carrot.  I topped the whole thing with some vegenaise mixed with Sriracha.  Yum! The tempeh is a nice add-in because it’s warm and the Sriracha-mayo mixture adds a creamy kick.

Since these are so low-cal they would also make a great afternoon snack.


One thought on “dino kale wraps

  1. My lunches don’t feel complete without a bunch of veggies, either. It’s sometimes hard to get them in, but you did a great job of ot!

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