guilt-free brownies

Omgomgomgomgomg. The first time I tried a batch of brownies like these was a while ago.  I used dried dates instead of regular dates.   Newbie mistake.  Those brownies were a colossal disappointment because they tasted like raisins, not chocolate, and I had to throw the entire batch away.  A sad day for me.

7 months later, I’ve finally gotten over the trauma of making raisin-flavored brownies, and these were truly wonderful! The secret ingredient to these guys is… drumroll… sweet potato! You can’t taste the sweet potato at all, it just makes the texture really nice.

I found the original recipe from Pureella— I omitted the walnuts and substituted all-purpose gluten-free flour for the potato starch and buckwheat flour.  I have no idea how that might have changed the consistency from the original recipe, but it worked out and they’re so tasty!  Don’t expect the texture to be like a “normal brownie”.  These are super dense, slightly chewy, chocolatey and very satisfying if you’re having a craving for sweets! The best part is that they’re totally guilt-free, especially compared to “normal” brownies! They’re made with dates, sweet potatoes, maple syrup, cocoa and a little gluten-free flour.  The only added sugar was the small amount I sprinkled on top.

I also sprinkled some dark chocolate on top so it was nice and melty when it came out of the oven.  I am giving these away ASAP otherwise I’ll eat the entire pan.  Yuuum!




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