gnocchi + “meaty” sauce

I made an amazing discovery today and it’s called textured vegetable protein.  I was super suspicious of it (weird name…), but after seeing it in several recipes online, I decided to give it a try by adding it to pasta sauce! WOWOW.  It is weeeeirdly “meaty”!!! And now I’m day-dreaming about all the recipes I can add this to…

This recipe is super easy, especially if you have pre-made marinara on-hand.  I got a really simple organic sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes from the store this morning, so then I just had to prep the onion, tomatoes and broccoli.

You could have this sauce with pasta, spaghetti squash or gnocchi like I did.  Gnocchi is typically not gluten-free, despite being made from potatoes! You have to buy a specifically gluten-free brand because oftentimes flour is used to make sure the potato dumplings don’t stick together.

This was an amazingly hearty meal, so I recommend making this when you’re really hungry!!!


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