zucchini noodles + vodka sauce

OH MY OH MY! What a winner.  I’ve been dying to test out a spiralizer for the long time (which sounds totally domestic and kitchen-geeky of me but I guess that’s my life right now!) What an incredible little device! It transforms healthy vegetables like zucchini and squash and carrots and whatever else into pretty little spirals that can be used as pasta noodles in recipes!

This was another dinner night with my mom, so she made her marinara sauce, and I made a little cashew cream (1/2 cup soaked cashews + 1/2 cup unflavored almond milk blended), and voila you have vodka sauce! Kinda.  You can use your favorite homemade marinara or vodka sauce!

Once the zucchini is spiralized (I used two zucchinis and two squash), I sautéed the noodles with a tablespoon of olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper for 5 minutes or so.   Top the “noodles” with the sauce, and there you have it.  So delish!


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