About us

This is a little more about the two sisters who run this blog.

Hello! I’m Haley.  I’m 22, newly graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill.  I love cooking, music, peanut butter, conversations over coffee, rescue doggies, travel, comfy slippers, books, photography and lists.  I’m rarely found without my headphones, Moleskine or camera.  I am really cold natured, I laugh too loudly, I can’t sit still for too long and I have to write everything in my planner or I will probably forget I’m sorry.

Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m 19 and I just finished my freshman year at UNC. I enjoy most things outdoorsy, especially running. If I’m not constantly active I get super irritable and restless. I’ve always had an insatiable sweet tooth ever since I was little, so dessert and chocolate are nonnegotiable. I’m slightly obsessed with our rescue dogs, avocados, warm drinks, perfect running days, and fuzzy blankets. My favorite kind of person is one who can make me laugh and can tolerate my dog voice. I function best with schedules, naps, and of course, coffee.



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